Who Is Elante
This Is Why…

Everybody wondering & every asking-/ Why did I leave, while I’m at home laughing-/ Thinking to myself like Y did I do that-/ Omw to the top & I just blew that-/ Well see that the thing I’m not trying be famous-/ But it would be nice if the world knew what my names is-/ & on top of that, the songs I wasn’t really filling-/ They Wunna tlk about love, & I Wunna tlk about killing-/ Naw I’m juss playing-/ but do get what I’m saying?-/ I realy felt as if I didn’t fit in-/ & when I spoke nobody listen-/ So with all that said it was time to go-/ Yea there were other reasons Y but those you’ll never know-/ Naw I’m just play, now please pay attention-/ To the things that I say & the things and the things I mention-/ I’m 19 & I live on my own-/ Lifes a lil hard & at that times I feel alone-/ & for some reason the futures always on my mind-/ So this is Y I had to leave DNS behide-/ To focus on myself & get my life right-/ So I’m not homeless & and have a place to sleep at night-/ And in plus I got Dreams of my Own-/ & I felt they Wasn’t on the level I’m on-/ So that Y I left & now you all Know-/ & I hope yall Still Support on whatever road I Go…..

What do a gynecologist and a pizza delivery boy have in common? They can both smell it but can’t eat it.

5 Things Ladies Want:

Compliments, Good Sex, Good Love, Attention, and a nice pair of heels.

Fresh Black G-Shock, Skinnys, And Some Black Vans!

Fresh Black G-Shock, Skinnys, And Some Black Vans!

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